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The dance and music room is a vibrating centre of melody and rhythm where the children unwind and learn the aesthetics of sound and movement.

Pottery Studio

Popular with kids & teachers alike, the Pottery Studio serves the dual purpose of
developing the values of hard work & patience at the same time improving their
concentration & creativity.
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Computer skills are mastered with ease here even as exposure to internet opens new windows for the tiny tots.
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Smartboard Classes

Stimulating multimedia presentations using the latest educational technology aid the teaching-learning process to make it fun.
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Yoga and meditation in a soothing environment enable each pupil to gradually
find her / his identity and develop the strength of mind and body.


Todays readers are leaders of tomorrow
An integral part of the school campus, the library provides the perfect environment
to shape the personalities of the future leaders.

Customised Classrooms

An ideal teacher student ratio of 1:25 in spacious, well-lit classrooms enhances
the comfort level and aid in providing individual attention to each child.
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Pizzazz (The Art Room)

Exposure to art and craft activities adds colour, joy and beauty to the lives of the students enhancing their creativity and self expression.

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