The current age where we live in, technology has become an important component. Technology is playing an increasing role in education. As technology advances, it is used to benefit students of all ages in the learning process. Technology used in the classroom helps students absorb the material easier and better, generates greater interest and enhances their retention power.

At Laurel High we have a tie-up with Educomp Solutions Ltd., and with this, our school is bringing in new solutions for effective teaching. Every topic is taught with key objectives, visual effects and illustrations. Here, teachers integrate the concepts and incorporate their own style into their teaching and as a result students understand better what is taught.

The smartclass Digital Teaching System (DTS) are the biggest and the most innovative initiatives in digital classroom hardware. The DTS is the world’s first fully integrated one-switch Digital Interactive Teaching system, specially designed to work in high ambient temperatures. The Class Transformation System (CTS) broadens the choice of teaching tools available with the teacher beyond invaluable rich 3D Animations to bring abstract concepts to life. The arsenal of solutions now available for teachers also includes tools like ready to use MCQs, Virtual Laboratory of Simulations, Work Sheets, Teaching Ideas, Real Life Applications, Topic Synopsis, Web links and Diagram Maker. The CTS poised as the next generation of Educomp smartclass in schools, is the revolutionary leap forward in enabling excellence in schools.

The smartclass Programme with Smart Assessment System (SAS) is designed for students to answer multiple choice questions in the classroom. SAS is a very useful tool not only for the assessment but also for teaching. Teachers can easily generate quizzes based on their subjects using this software. Students can take the test online using remote consoles and can have immediate assessment and record of their performance.

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