As you know Laurel High has been recognized and affiliated to the CBSE up to class 12. However, true recognition is by the students and their parents. It’s a matter of pride for all of us for the school to have risen to this level in such a short time.
The Senior School syllabus (Class 9-12) is being transacted strictly as per the CBSE directions in an innovative, creative and student-friendly manner, and of course, as per the prescribed CBSE norms.
Registration with the CBSE has shifted to class 9 unlike before. A student is to continue with the same registration number up to class 12.
Everyone is now familiar with the new examination pattern for classes 9 and 10 as the new grade system has been put into effect. This is a better way of assessment as agreed by all educationists. Hence the school year has been divided into two semesters with two types of assessment per session: SA and FA. In brief, it means written exams and activity-oriented experiential learning and assessment. The two types of assessment will be given different weightage and the final total will determine the numerical performance value, which will be then converted to Grades. Every subject will have numerical value and its corresponding Grade.
The CBSE syllabi for the top 4 classes acknowledge and imply many other intellectual activities which are left to the schools to organize. Laurel High has her own slew of knowledge-enhancing, value-inculcating and smartness-generating activities, such as theatre, stage presence, declamation, public speaking, social awareness classes, social work, debates, clubs, creative projects, etc. in addition to the all-important Reading Habit formation and book culture.
We do not undervalue the co-scholastic activity called Sports and Games which shape and enhance one’s physical growth and instill discipline.
Class 10 and Class 12 will have objectively and psychologically assessed Descriptive indicators in their school leaving certificate. Many times, these indicators will be more magical than the grades themselves, where admissions to further courses or job applications are concerned.

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