“Today’s readers are the leaders of tomorrow”

We firmly believe that reading exposes one to the ideals and opinions of great intellectuals and visionaries and is another road to awakening the ‘genius’ within. Reading stories not only fills the little ones with pleasure but also hone their language skills and sharpens their intellect. Their personality and creativity get enhanced as they read and grow
Our Library
A spacious, fully equipped library is an integral part of the school and provides the perfect environment for reading. Regular library periods ensure easy access to all categories of books and enable the students to develop a love for books right from the Pre – school level. A beehive of activity, students get ample opportunities to browse through the open shelves and love to issue books on a regular basis.
Literary Activities :
The Reader’s Club bridges the gap between the young readers and the vast world of literature by taking up all the playful aspects of language:

Word Power Quiz and Vocabulary Games every month enable the students to develop a rich bank of vocabulary.

‘Spin a Yarn’ and Picture Reading activities in the class or library enable students to have fun with creativity.

Debates, discussions or extempore activities like ‘show & tell’ or ‘speak a minute’ provide the much needed mike exposure and adds to their confidence.

Creative Writing activities and exposure to pictures, magazines and newspapers stimulate the thought process initiating a free flow of thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Loud reading and recitation sessions enable the students to pick up the finer nuances of speaking skills.

At Laurel High, the facilitators understand perfectly that in order to inculcate early reading habits in children, a supportive reading environment at the home front is also essential. Towards that end a workshop for the parents along with a book fair in January, served the purpose effectively.

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