• Air-conditioned buses and cabs.
  • Fully equipped with first-aid box and drinking water .
  • Travel under supervision of maids/teachers during morning as well as afternoon.


Lunch and Refreshments:

  • Freshly prepared season specific drinks served in the first break.
  • Hot and nourishing meals prepared in strictly hygenic conditions for the 2nd break.
  • Emphasis on good food habits and table ettiquettes.


Safety and comfort measures:

  • Centrally air-conditioned building.
  • Germ-free environment.
  • Round the clock security.
  • Well-equipped with fire fighting equipment of international standards.
  • Well-lit classrooms with child friendly furniture.


Parent-teacher meetings:

  • The open and friendly atmosphere of the school promotes a high level of parent staff interaction that leads to a greater degree of enthusiasm and creates a positive learning environment for the students.
  • Regular P.T.Ms
  • Parents are free to meet the facilitators on Saturdays (except second Saturday) of every month. ( with prior permission)

Afternoon Activities:

  • Coaching in Lawn Tennis on custom made courts.
  • Training in various dance forms like Jazz, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Bollywood etc.
  • Vocal and instrumental training in Music.
  • Coaching in badminton, skating, cricket etc. under the guidance of trained instructors.
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