Awakening the
in every Child

Awakening the
in every Child


The Faculty

The Laurel High motto of excellence and awakening the genius in every child is a dream that the staff members strive to achieve every single moment in the school. Our teachers are not merely tutors of subjects, but experts in child psychology who look for hidden signs of precocious talent with keen and perceptive eyes.

The team of highly experienced, qualified, and sincere staff members have been recruited professionally by our panel of educationists with an eye on humane qualities, subject specific competence as well as proficiency in English communication skills.

Not only this, the school provides spiritual and philosophical training to all its staff members and the entire team is well aligned in its mission to impart education in the holistic sense. Children are motivated to achieve excellence in every area through innovative techniques put forth by our unique team of educators and trainers.

Human values and leadership qualities are inculcated in a natural manner without any extra effort.

To quote Shri A.P.J.Abdul Kalam :

“Spirituality must be integrated with education. Self realization is the focus.Each one of us must be aware of our higher self. We should ignite our dormant inner energy and let it guide our lives.”

The Culture Metaphor

At Laurel High, the entire staff follows the culture metaphor, a set of spiritual values that is the very soul of the school’s environment.

Here we strongly believe in transparency where everyone is free to express his/her views and ideas with an open heart. While sharing views with courage, 360 degrees feedback is encouraged, giving rise to harmonious and caring relationships.

From harmony, originates the feeling of respect or ‘view again’. Hence, the past is not allowed to interfere while dealing with a person in the present and all interactions are free of bias and indifference. Space is shared with due respect for each other feelings and respect is shown as a matter of practice.

To provide quality education, teachers are aligned from within in feelings, thoughts, words, and actions and deliver what they say, say what they think and think what they feel.

Every member of the faculty clearly believes in the motto that says, “none of us is as smart as all of us together”, thus igniting the spirit of team work.

Thus through co-ordinated effort, healthy optimism and greater efficiency is generated which work towards the mission of awakening the genius.

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