Awakening the
in every Child

Awakening the
in every Child


Academic Overview

At Laurel High, our mission is to awaken the genius within each child and towards that end the curriculum has been specifically designed to create leaders of the future. Leaders are not born but made and that’s the imponderable task we have taken upon ourselves. Our curriculum has been devised so as to identify the child’s latent resources and works towards laying a strong foundation for each child’s holistic development.

History is witness that leaders who have made a mark on society have been creative and confident people with a sense of commitment and high character. Their charismatic presence was admired by all for its gentle yet  tough qualities.
We too firmly believe that education needs to be imparted in the holistic sense.

The following areas of personality development are stressed upon –

Developing the hidden capabilities

Every child has an inborn talent: a hidden genius which needs to be recognized at the earliest. Finding that special spark involves close interaction between members of the faculty and each pupil. At Laurel High, a teacher spots it, reports it and acts upon it.

The teaching

learning process is based on an interactive & practical approach wherein the children are encouraged to develop a healthy spirit of enquiry and satisfy their natural curiosity in a stimulating environment. The child is enabled to make full use of his intellectual potential to embark on the life long journey of learning.

Character Building

The purpose of education is lost if it cannot create a good human being. Truthfulness, loyalty and self – discipline are essential qualities which make up the character of an individual and are inculcated through a variety of value building techniques.

Inculcating a sense of Commitment

A flawless character in itself is insufficient if it is not accompanied by a sense of social commitment i.e, a desire to return to the society what we have received from it. Hence, we inculcate in our pupils the basic virtues of love, peace, sincerity and liberality through specific programmes and modules.

Developing Competence in Communication

Effective communication skills are an impressive asset of any leader and is given due weightage in the curriculum. The children enter the school with considerable verbal facility and are exposed to various activities that help them to acquire proficiency in oral language, reading and writing which undoubtedly contributes to the overall development of the child.

Enhancement of creative potential

Young children have active imagination and often indulge in make believe play. During the first six years, the child”s creative potential is at its peak and must be encouraged. At Laurel High, we provide ample opportunities for each child to explore his / her creative expression through a variety of experiences and stimulating activities in a stress free environment.

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