“असतो माँ सद्गमय तमसो माँ ज्योतिर्गमय”
“O Lord lead me from falsehood to truth; And from darkness to light.”

It gives me an immense pleasure to write this message as the Head of Montessori Branch a banner to be proud of indeed. We believe knowledge is knowing facts; wisdom is knowing what to do with those. Laurel High believes in educating the students in an atmosphere of spirituality. Following such principles, our school has given utmost importance to values in its curriculum. This unique strength enables our students to face the challenges of life.

OUR Vision defines Our Mission! Piloting the growth of a school is a blessed experience, a pilgrimage. It is an opportunity to touch many lives, to build up healthy relationships and to nourish tender souls. Laurel High Montessori is synonymous with quality education. Our primary aim is to develop in the students, qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion.
As teachers it is important for us to make our students eager learners wanting to know everything that is around them. In order to help them to achieve their goals, our efforts are to provide them an interactive and friendly environment, where they learn through exploring. Our constant endeavour is to educate students not just to find a professional niche but to find a niche of love and harmony.

We value the trust and confidence reposed in us by the parents of the school by handing over their ward to us. My earnest request to you is “GET CONNECTED” and thereafter “STAY CONNECTED” with the school.


Ms. Anu Bhutani
Montessori Branch Head


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