Pre Primary education including the pre-school spanning a period of 2 years deals with the age group of 3-5 years. Understanding and fulfilling the developmental needs of young children in the formative years is a challenging task that the early childhood educators at Laurel High are committed to achieve. At this stage the curriculum gains tremendous importance and whatever the child learns becomes deeply embedded in her/his mind.

Play is a child’s natural tendency and joy, language and activity form the basic medium of learning. Consequently an interactive play based methodology has been adopted at Laurel High with the aim of fostering the child’s natural development in terms of the student’s understanding of the self and surroundings, his cognitive and physical growth, social adaptability, communication skills and the development of moral values. Health and hygiene is given due importance with regular check ups and discussions.

Formal education is initiated through a variety of games and activities with emphasis on speaking recognition and vocabulary. Reading, writing and Arithmetical concepts follow naturally in a systematic manner. The mind is allowed to expand in a supportive environment and the child develops the analytical and aesthetic skills that are essentially required in the later years of learning.

Equal stress is given to the expansion of body through a variety of gross and fine motor activities. Stimulating language activities in the form of daily conversation drill, story recitals, rhythmic singing, role play, mike activities, puppet show etc provide the perfect exposure to the tiny tots. Monthly excursions, nature walks and club activities complete the picture to get a comprehensive curriculum for the overall development of the tiny Laurelites.

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